GLEE316 Timline

March 1

GLEE316 is Formed

Formulation for GLEE316 with a few Leaders inspired to create the largest Mass Adoption of the GLEE Token. 
March 5

New Partnership with MLWP

This represents 20% revenue sharing from the Mesquite Lake Water and Power Plant in Imperial County, California.
March 16

GLEE316 Prelaunch

1st Phase of GLEE Tokens made available to the community.
April 20

Land Use Agreement

Medicinal Cannabis Land Use Agreement with MLWP/GLEE316 utilizing both the Power and Land Use.
May 1

Working Utilization Model

Engineered Proprietary Utilization Model using GLEE Tokens for retail redemption at DollarStore.
June 1

Sara Technologies

Sara Technologies designs Blockchain Ecosystem for GLEE316 to track Utilization, Exchanges and Redemption. 
July 15

Whitepaper Development

White Paper submitted for review stipulating utilization of GLEE Tokens and Ecosystem. 
August 1

Phase 8 (Final Phase for Harvest Program)

Release of Final Phase for Harvest Program for Revenue Sharing on MLWP Agreements using Smart Contract Technology. 
September 11

Tron Blockchain Integration

Full Integration with Tron (TRC20) Blockchain
January 11

Token Exchange (3 Exchanges Under Consideration)

Launch on Token Exchange allowing for Peer to Peer Transfers and Secondary Market Sales. 
March 16

Harvest Disbursement Begins

Quarterly disbursements to Harvesters (Own first 316 Million Tokens issued)