Your Affiliation with GLEE316 Enables You to Share in the Revenues of Commercial Agriculture …

For over a half century now our farming partnership has very successfully planted, grown, irrigated, maintained, pollinated and harvested Date Palm Groves and a variety of Citrus Orchards in the Desert Southwest.

We also partner with Jewel Date Company in Thermal, CA and Sunkist Plants in both AZ and CA which handle the processing of millions of pounds of dates and citrus – which involves the cleaning, sorting, preparing and packaging of the fruit for distribution.

The principals of both Harvest International Services (HIS) and our Master Farming Partner are extremely excited to join with all the GLEE316 Members, Affiliates and Farmers to bring you our entire product line.  But even more importantly we appreciate the incredible opportunity extended by your leadership in becoming a Resource Partner to further increase the profitability of the entire GLEE316 community.