Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase your own store with tokens!

Glee Community owned stores will be able to capitalize on the entire community looking to utilize their tokens, as well the General Public who will be introduced to the Glee Ecosystem. DollarStores partnered with Glee allow for the purchase of everyday goods using their Glee tokens. Those purchases earn the customer and owner token bonuses on every purchase. As an owner, you receive two bonuses, one as an owner and one as a customer.

For a limited time, anyone who purchases a new store will earn a 20,000 token bonus AND the first 100 stores opened will receive an extra 5,000 tokens.

That’s a 25,000 Glee token reward for buying your own store!

Additionally, Glee members who refer someone to be a DollarStore owner will earn $500.00 + Bonus Glee Tokens

(don’t forget to give your referral link)

Don’t miss this opportunity to to be part of a TRUE utilization working model