How Can GLEE Tokens Be Utilized?2021-08-10T14:13:57-05:00

Partnered with the DollarStore, GLEE allows you to shop for products using your GLEE Tokens.

You also have the option to become the owner of a “Turn-Key” DollarStore operation with full support from DollarStore in the USA.

GLEE Community owned stores will be able to capitalize on both the entire GLEE Community looking to utilize GLEE Tokens as well the General Public who will be introduced to the GLEE Ecosystem. Win-Win-Win!

A TRUE utilization working model.

How Do I Buy GLEE Tokens?2021-08-01T22:38:40-05:00

GLEE Tokens are a decentralized token on the blockchain using the major Ethereum network. GLEE Tokens can be purchased on our website.

What is the Price of the GLEE Token?2021-08-01T22:34:05-05:00

GLEE Tokens are priced according to the current sale phase. Price is increased with each Phase.

What is a GLEE Token?2021-08-10T14:14:49-05:00

A GLEE Token is an ERC20 Blockchain token on the Ethereum token. These tokens can be purchased on our site and you can store these tokens inside an Ethereum wallet.

What is the GLEE Ecosystem About?2021-08-01T22:30:54-05:00

There are 4 Prongs to the GLEE Ecosystem…..

  1. GLEE Powers Renewable Energy
  2. GLEE Goes Green in Agriculture
  3. GLEE Goes Medical with Cannabis
  4. GLEE Goes Mainstream with DollarStore
How Do I Get Started?2021-08-10T14:18:10-05:00

GLEE316 is a Free Community.

As a Free GLEE Member (GM), you can;

  • Build & Track a Team in your Dashboard
  • Earn Reward GLEE Tokens from DollarStore purchases
  • Have access to BackOffice Support and Training

No Referral Commissions or Farmer Revenue. 

To Activate GLEE Affiliate (GA) Status

Purchase $316 of GLEE Tokens (Currently at Phase 8 Pricing @$0.316)

  • Receive GLEE Tokens (Currently 10,000 based on Phase 8 pricing)
  • Entry into GLEE Farmers (GF) Program (while still being offered)
  • Receive Commissions on All Activity
  • Receive $300 credit toward DollarStore Ownership
  • Receive $50 DollarStore Reward Tokens to Shop
What does GLEE316 Offer?2021-08-01T22:26:31-05:00

GLEE316 is a Community based group that supports Renewable Energy, Agricultural Distribution and Cannabis Supply Projects. The GLEE Token allows for participation and determines the Ecosystem.

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