GLEE316 is a Free Community.

As a Free GLEE Member (GM), you can;

  • Build & Track a Team in your Dashboard
  • Earn Reward GLEE Tokens from DollarStore purchases
  • Have access to BackOffice Support and Training

No Referral Commissions or Farmer Revenue. 

To Activate GLEE Affiliate (GA) Status

Purchase $316 of GLEE Tokens (Currently at Phase 8 Pricing @$0.316)

  • Receive GLEE Tokens (Currently 10,000 based on Phase 8 pricing)
  • Entry into GLEE Farmers (GF) Program (while still being offered)
  • Receive Commissions on All Activity
  • Receive $300 credit toward DollarStore Ownership
  • Receive $50 DollarStore Reward Tokens to Shop