GLEE316 Partnered With DollarStore Taking Token Utilization Mainstream

GLEE Tokens provide a Real Working model for Utilization!

Partnered with the DollarStore, GLEE Tokens allows you to shop for products using your GLEE Tokens.

You also have the option to become the owner of a “Turn-Key” DollarStore operation with full support from DollarStore in the USA.

GLEE Community owned stores will be able to capitalize on both the entire GLEE Community looking to utilize GLEE Tokens as well the General Public who will be introduced to the GLEE Ecosystem. Win-Win-Win!

Discover a True Working Utilization Model

Own a complete 100% turnkey DollarStore and earn GLEE Tokens from every single purchase that is made in your store plus store revenue

  • 100% Turnkey Online Store

  • Customized Unique Link

  • Secured Payment Processing

  • User-friendly Marketing & Advertising tools

  • 100% Business in a Box

  • Serve ALL of Glee Community & General Public

  • Receive Glee Tokens as Payment

Even MORE Ways to Earn GLEE Tokens!

As a store owner you also receive GLEE Tokens for EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE that happens in your store

GLEE Community can use GLEE Tokens for up to 20% of their purchase. That’s right, they can buy product using GLEE Tokens!

Every customer purchase will be rewarded with 100% Bonus GLEE Tokens for any Tokens utilized in the transaction.

For example, if the total purchase is $100, $20 can be paid in GLEE Tokens. The customer will receive a loyalty reward of $20 in GLEE Tokens back each time as well.

The Store Owner will receive $20 in GLEE Tokens plus an additional $20 in GLEE Tokens each transaction. That’s $40 in GLEE Tokens each Time!

Imagine if 100 people in the GLEE Community made purchases each day. They each earn a Loyalty Bonus and the Store Owner receives a double bonus for each transaction.

Members of the general public who are not GLEE community will be invited to earn GLEE Tokens by becoming a GLEE Community member as part of the Store Owners Affiliate Team.

Purchase Super Premium Store

One-time payment of $5,000 for installation

Receive bonus at 7:1 ratio (Phase 8 only)

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Monthly Payment Option

12 month Payment Plan

Make payments of $500 a month for 12 months for installation

Receive a 5:1 bonus for every $500 monthly payment (Phase 8 only)

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What is Included in DollarStore Ownership

  • Aggregate Membership *Fee – $100/month

  • Turnkey DollarStore Operation

  • Full Ownership Support

  • DollarStore Branding

  • Secure Hosting

  • Custom Domain

  • Pick, Pack & Ship

  • Merchant Gateway

  • Blockchain Integration

  • Glee Token Reward Program

  • Listing In-Store Locator

  • SEO Keyword Optimization

  • Social Media Ads

  • Press Release

  • Custom Mobile App