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Revolutionary Utility Token with Revenue Sharing

Community Owned Proven Revenue Generating Models

A Token Driven By Utilization

Partnered with the DollarStore, GLEE Tokens allows you to shop for products using your GLEE Tokens.

Shop Freely Online With Your Tokens

  • Use your GLEE Tokens and shop at any online DollarStore

  • Refer others and earn additional GLEE tokens to shop with

Community Owned Stores

GLEE Community owned stores will be able to capitalize on both the entire GLEE Community looking to utilize GLEE Tokens as well the General Public who will be introduced to the GLEE Ecosystem. Win-Win-Win!

Shop Freely Online With Your Tokens

  • 100% Turnkey Online Store

  • Customized Unique Link

  • Secured Payment Processing

  • User-friendly Marketing & Advertising tools

  • 100% Business in a Box

  • Serve ALL of Glee Community & General Public

  • Receive Glee Tokens as Payment

How it works?

Learn how to get started with GLEE and be rewarded by sharing with others and enjoying exclusive shopping benefits at DollarStore and take advantage of company revenue shares.

Exclusive Harvest Program Ending Soon!

Glee316 is offering a limited offer on 316 million GLEE tokens through an Exclusive Harvest Program. This represents 20% revenue sharing from the Mesquite Lake Water and Power Plant and the Medicinal Cannabis Production utilizing both the Power our facility generates and Land Use at our facility in Imperial County, California.

The limited offer means once the 316 million tokens is sold out, the opportunity to be in the GLEE Harvest Program is over. GLEE tokens will continue to be available in the Ecosystem but will be excluded in the Revenue Sharing Initiative associated with any current and future Harvest Ventures including but not limited to the Waste & Water Management projects currently under final agreements.

Phase 1 through 7 has ended and this is the last opportunity to participate as a Harvester.

Phase 8 – 33,000,000 Tokens and Program Ends

Initial Offering

First 10 Million Tokens - Buy 1 Receive an additional 7 tokens - 7:1 Bonus

Second Offering

Second 10 Million Tokens - Buy 1 Receive an additional 5 tokens - 5:1 Bonus

Third Offering

Third 10 Million Tokens - Buy 1 Receive an additional 3 tokens - 3:1 Bonus

Final Offering

Final 10 Million tokens no bonus - 1:1

Qualify for a 5% Override of the Entire Company!

Master “Growth” Farmer Referral Bonus

Required Farmers Referred in Network

Master “Product” Farmer Referral Bonus

Required GLEE Token Sales In Network

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